Sciphics follow Agile development practices to ensure our Clients achieve their product development goals in an accelerated time to market fashion.We engage right skills and control costs, have measures in place to protect clients intellectual property rights.

We specialize in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics. We provide our clients across a range of sectors with end-to-end data solutions and also help assess, develop, support and deliver complex data programs in Finance, Risk, Change, Marketing and IT

Sciphics strategically plan processes by assessments and identification of personal needs of clients organization. Sciphics is not just a company but a journey with a goal of bringing Associates and Clients at one place where they can choose each other and work towards mutual success gratification.


GRC frameworks, tools and strategies are essential to the success of today’s corporate information security programs.
GRC is more than governance risk and compliance, it is about the integration and stream lined management